An online studio for filmmakers for creators for students

The OpenLab ESEV Online Studio (OEOS) is powered by Free/Libre & Open Source Software and was created to support the production of movies by OpenLab ESEV and by students of ESEV.

The Movies

Live action projects are welcome but we tend to focus on animation. All animation techniques and styles (including VFX!).

The Filmmakers

Our filmmakers are students and teachers of ESEV. But we like a lot that some production teams also include former students and external friends.

Free & Open Source

All the software and web platforms that we develop or use are Free/Libre & Open Source. We also like Open Movies and Creative Commons licenses ;)

Our projects


Robots & aliens

Software we use


Project link | @OEOS


Tindio is a production and workflow management platform for film and VFX projects. It's build on a 'Project', 'Scene', 'Shot', 'Task' hierarchy and provides some roles like 'Admin', 'Director', 'Supervisor' and 'Artist'.

Tindio also features a calendar, repository for assets management and useful Workflow Editor where you can create task lists to use as templates.


Shotz is a simple php web-based shot/task list management for short movie productions. You can add/edit/delete shots to a simple flat file database (JSON text file). Each shot has an artist assigned, current task, status and due date.

You can easily create a shot, choose/edit the current task of the shot (for example, modeling or compositing), choose/edit the assigned user and choose/edit the status (for example, on going or rendering). You can close shots when they are finished or delete them. Shotz displays the number and % of shots done and frames rendered.

Story Blockz

Project link | @OEOS

Story Blockz

Story Blockz is a web app to support the task of creating linear stories for movies.

Story Blockz stores the data (the blocks) in browser's local storage. This means that blocks are only available in your browser but data persists after the browser is closed. You can close the browser and return later to continue.


SAWP (screenwriting authoring web platform) is a web platform for collaborative scriptwriting. Scripts are formatted according with the industry (movie and TV production) standards.

Features include: script tagging (categories), generate breakdown reports (lists, table, statistics), export (html,pdf,docx,odt,rtf) and import (trelby,celtx), revision history, roles (Director, Artist, Observer), Hotkeys, Spellchecking, etc.


Project link | @OEOS


Paperdreamer is an open source Storyboard Authoring Web Platform written in AngularJS.

You can upload images and create/composite boards using multiple images. It's easy to create/delete, reorder, edit/change the boards and you can do it collaboratively, Paperdreamer has a roles system.


Project link | @OEOS


ResourceSpace is an open source digital asset management software.

You can upload images, audio, 3D and other assets and share resource collections.

If you're looking for more Free/Libre & Open Source Software, please visit the Libre Pipeline for Animation project.