The OLE Network is a not-for-profit online platform and service of OpenLab ESEV that provides a directory of artist, developers and trainers skilled in Free/Libre & Open Source Software. The directory is a list of profiles that include contact details, brief presentation and a portfolio sample.

OLE Network members are students or former students of ESEV (School of Education - Polytechnic Institute of Viseu) and OpenLab ESEV collaborators. Some OLE Network members only use Free/Libre & Open Source Software, others use a mixed pipeline and combine Free/Libre & Open Source Software with proprietary software.

For more information about Free/Libre & Open Source Software, please click here.

Our aims

  • Provide a free of charge platform where employers are able to easily find and contact design, 3D, video, animation and programming professionals.
  • Support Free/Libre & Open Source Software artists, trainers and programmers.

Past & Present

The OLE Network went online in November 2014 (beta testing).

OLE Network currently has 17 registered profiles.